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Secret Agent Society

The Secret Agent Society (SAS) Program is regarded as one of the most successful programs of its kind in the world.  

It is an evidence-based, multimedia program to help children improve their social and emotional resilience. 

It is suitable for children eight to 12 years old who might have a range of social and emotional challenges including:

  • High functioning autism spectrum disorder
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • Anger management difficulties
  • Other general challenges with friendships, teamwork, conversations or staying calm

The SAS captivates children with its espionage-themed games and eye-catching resources.

Children learn how to:

  • Recognise and manage their own feelings
  • Cope with change
  • Detect other people’s emotions
  • Talk and play with others
  • Deal with bullying

What is involved

The nine-week course uses an animated computer game, “Helpful Thought Missile” action game, “Challenger” board game and “Secret Message Transmission Device” game, designed to help children learn new social and emotional skills in a fun and engaging environment.

Parents and schools are an integral part of the group program and receive resources and support to help young ‘secret agents’ develop and practice new skills at home and at school.

A university randomised controlled trial found that 76% of children who participated in SAS improved from showing clinically significant delays in social and emotional functioning to displaying these skills within the range of typically developing children.

To find out more about the SAS program or other group therapy programs available near you, contact us today.

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