Perinatal and postnatal counselling

The journey from conception planning to your baby’s first birthday is a significant life transition.

Perinatal (before birth) and postnatal (after birth) counselling is a form of therapy that provides emotional and psychological support to expectant and new parents.

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Over half a million people become parents each year in Australia.

At least one in every five women and 1 in 10 fathers/partners experience anxiety, depression, or both during pregnancy and/or following birth, according to statistics from the Australian Government.

About 60,000 mothers and 30,000 fathers/partners will experience perinatal anxiety and/or depression.

There is support available for these challenging periods for parents and caregivers of all ages.

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Coping with the arrival of a new baby

Perinatal (before birth) and postnatal (after birth) counselling is a form of therapy that provides emotional and psychological support to expectant and new parents.

Counselling can help clients by providing them with a safe space to discuss their concerns and fears about parenthood.

It can also help them develop coping strategies to manage the stress and anxiety that often come with having a child.

Symptoms to be aware of

  • Development or re-emergence of depression or anxiety
  • Difficulty adjusting to pregnancy or parenthood
  • Anxiety about the birth process
  • Increased stress levels
  • Severe changes in body image
  • Difficulty coping with complications or circumstances surrounding the birth
  • Low parental confidence
  • Inability to adjust to changes in identity, relationships and family roles

Stronger parental relationships

The series of changes that come with having a new baby can often put strain on a couple.

Counselling can help clients build stronger relationships with their partners and improve the overall mental health of new parents.

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Qualified and experienced mental health professionals

Early Start Australia has a passionate team of health professionals who provide perinatal and postnatal counselling services to clients.

These health professionals include psychologists (fully and provisionally registered) with training in counselling, child and parent wellbeing, and family support.

Service available in multiple Brisbane clinics and via telehealth

Perinatal counselling is available at our Carina and Springfield clinics. No referral is required.

The cost of these services may vary depending on the type of service provided.

Contact the Early Start Australia Client Care Team directly for more information on the cost of these services.

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The Early Start Australia promise

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Holistic care and treatment plans

Our multi-disciplinary team works together with you to understand your child’s needs. From there, we’ll develop a plan with evidence-based strategies. Work with us to achieve your goals and enjoy a better quality of life.

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Australia-wide reach

With clinics in every state and territory, and an experienced team of therapists. Find help when you need it, where you need it.

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Registered NDIS provider

We are a registered NDIS provider and are here to help you on your NDIS journey. We provide quality and safe services, follow NDIS requirements, and support your needs and goals.

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Early intervention at all stages

Early intervention is not just for young children. We offer therapies that cater to all ages, needs and abilities, and we know the sooner you start your therapy journey, the better your outcomes. With us, you can learn new skills and enjoy more freedom and control in your life.

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