Therapy showcase: Adolescents and young adults

By Dr Nicole Grant

Did you know that Early Start Australia also provides therapy services to adolescents and young adults?

Many of our therapist’s love working with our older clients and have the necessary skills and experience to work effectively with these age groups.

We understand that new challenges can arise at different life stages, and that different types of support are required at various times in our clients’ lives.

We love seeing our clients try new things, master new skills, and achieve their hopes and dreams, and we are here to help!

Life skills training

At Early Start Australia we have well-appointed, family friendly clinics suitable for all ages over Brisbane.

However, we can come to you at home or anywhere therapy is going to be most successful.

Telehealth is also a great option where access to therapy is limited.

Our occupational therapists can help with the development of all important life skills such as grocery shopping, catching public transport, ordering food at a cafe, cooking, routines and more.

We will happily meet our clients out and about in the community to ensure newly learned skills can be transferred into the real-world environment.

Think cafes, buses, and libraries!

Social skills groups

Our social skills groups, including the ever-popular Peers and Secret Agent Society groups, bring young people together in a safe environment to learn and practice making friends, having conversations, understanding body language and more.

School holiday camps

Intensive school holiday programs are an ideal way for our teens to have fun and learn new skills in a safe, supportive environment.

Keep an eye on our Facebook pages to see what programs are coming up soon.

Have a suggestion or request? We are happy to tailor programs to suit your needs where we can.

Alternative communication approaches

While early intervention is always best, we are always happy to explore new communication approaches with our clients at any stage of their life.

Our speech pathologists can help children of all ages and young adults to communicate in a range of ways, and they can help establish alternative ways of communicating where speech and language skills are still developing.

Our therapists use technology such as Proloquo2Go and LAMP and can also use PODD books and PECS during therapy sessions as needed.


Need an assessment to support a diagnosis, or for an NDIS application or review?

Our therapists can assess individuals of all ages.

We can assist with:

  • Functional capacity assessments (including Vinelands, ABAS, Modified Barthel Index, Care and Needs Scale and others)
  • Cognitive assessments
  • Speech and language assessments
  • Autism screening
  • Visual processing
  • Sensory processing (sensory profile)
  • Executive functioning, and more

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