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Early Start Australia Queanbeyan (formerly Therapy 4 Kids) has been providing therapy services since 2010.

We provide Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and Speech and Language Pathology services to infants, children and young adults with developmental delays and physical disabilities. Our therapy services are delivered in our clinic, via Telehealth and offer mobile services to childcare, pre-school, school, and remote visits.

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Level 1, Unit 2, 114 Crawford Street
Queanbeyan NSW 2620


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How we can help

No matter where you’re at on your therapy journey, we offer a range of services, programs and evidenced-based therapies to realise your goals.

Please note, available services and programs vary between clinics, so please check with your local clinic about their therapy services.


As part of your therapy journey your therapist we may recommend some specific therapy programs to assist in achieving your goals including:

Accessing assistive technology to improve the functioning of children can be a powerful tool to increase a child’s independence and improve their participation.

Hip helpers can be an effective tool to provide pelvic stability as well as aligning the legs under the hips to facilitate the development of hip stability and control.

Our therapists are experienced in taping for a variety of conditions (neurological and orthopaedic) to achieve improvements in fine and gross motor skills, stabilisation, posture, coordination and balance.

Serial casting is an evidence-based intervention for regaining range of movement in the lower limbs.

SPIO Suiting (wearable therapy products) provide sensory feedback and awareness.

Core stability exercises are designed to improve the strength and efficiency of core muscles including the abdominal, spinal, pelvic floor and hip muscles which work together to provide stability in stationary and moving positions.

Home programs are a way of increasing the intensity of therapy your child receives and can also be used during a break in formal therapy sessions to help strengthen new skills.

Hydrotherapy is a great way to provide a fun and engaging form of physiotherapy; making use of the natural buoyancy and the heat and resistance of water to help develop new movement skills and strength.

Support your child prior to commencing school or during school transitions to develop the skills they need to be confident and independent at school.

Meet our principal at Queanbeyan

Lyndsay Deakin Queabeyan

Lyndsay Currie

Practice Principal

Practice Principal, Lyndsay Currie, is a qualified physiotherapist with over 30 years’ experience working in childhood disability.

Her extensive experience has provided her with specialist knowledge in all aspects of cerebral palsy and similar neurological conditions.

Lyndsay is committed to ensuring that all children and their families continue to receive the best quality of service which is founded in current evidence-based practice.

We’re hiring!

Early Start Australia is part of the APM Group, a global human services provider now enabling better lives for more than 1 million people each year. To view all current opportunities to join our team visit the APM Careers website by clicking the button below.

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Clinic contact details

Level 1, Unit 2, 114 Crawford Street
Queanbeyan NSW 2620


Clinic Phone
New Clients Phone

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Monday : 9am - 5pm
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