Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

Help improve your child's social, communication and learning skills. From autism support to other developmental conditions, explore an ABA therapy treatment plan.

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ABA programs develop helpful behaviours to enhance your child’s progress

ABA therapy can help young children who may benefit from autism support and behavioural development. It’s a tool that helps us understand behaviour and how surroundings influence young children. From there, we can help develop desired behaviours that assist them throughout their lives.

Our ABA programs are delivered as a combination of in-clinic and at-home exercises. ABA therapists can also provide support your child at childcare or at school, depending on their unique needs. Therapy sessions are tailored to your child, and adjusted through ongoing evaluation.

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The positive impact of ABA therapy for children

ABA can help many people achieve their goals and have a say in their own lives. It’s a practical type of early intervention that helps young children participate in life.

Some of the benefits of ABA therapy can include:

  • Increase language and communication skills
  • Improved attention, focus, social skills, memory, and academics
  • Reduce certain behaviours causing problems, like self-harm
  • Raised interest in people and the world around them
  • Heighten focus at school and participating more fully in life

How ABA therapy works at Early Start Australia

At Early Start Australia, we offer two different ABA programs:

  • The ABA Full-Service Model Trained ABA therapists provide supervision in the clinic and at your home.
  • The ABA Workshop Model This focuses on home-based care. Parents will recruit and sometimes train an ABA therapist to work with their child.

To determine what ABA program applies best to your child, we’ll:

  • Arrange a detailed consultation and assessment of your child’s needs
  • Determine their strengths and areas for development
  • Create a treatment plan that uses specific early intervention therapies
  • Offer caregiver training to involve families in the treatment process
  • Conduct regular evaluations to make sure we’re on track with goals
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Frequently Asked Questions about ABA Therapy

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy is a type of early intervention therapy. It’s designed to improve social skills and daily functioning through positive reinforcement. ABA is commonly used as an autism therapy but can support children with all kinds of needs.

ABA therapy is usually applied in one-on-one sessions with a trained ABA therapist, and may also involve parents and caregivers. It’s tailored to your child’s unique needs and abilities.

ABA has a long history in supporting autistic children and their families and it can be applied to support almost every child. ABA therapy can be tailored to any child’s needs, regardless of their age or ability level. ABA therapy also benefits children experiencing difficulties with daily living activities. This includes self-care and academic tasks. If you’re not sure if ABA therapy is right for your child, talk to one of our qualified ABA therapists today.

An ABA program might include an ABA therapist attending a child’s school or home to offer positive reinforcement in that environment.

For example, a session at home might involve observing interactions with siblings. An ABA therapist then facilitates more positive interactions and strengthens sibling relationships. An example would be finding ways for them to have fun together.

Another example of ABA is conducting a session in the community along with parents, such as a daily shopping activity.

The first step is for one of our ABA therapists is to analyse and understand your child’s needs. This gives us a good picture of how ABA can best help your child. Our ABA therapists put their detective hats on to determine what your child’s challenges are, and areas for skills development.

Skills are then broken down into small achievable parts. Our ABA approach follows the ABC (Antecedent, Behaviour and Consequence) format. Every child is taught and supported through positive reinforcement to learn new skills.

We use a mix of early intervention tools like discrete trial training and the Early Start Denver Model. The goal is to create desired behaviours that help your child with daily living.

There are certain early intervention tools commonly used in ABA programs. These include:

  • Early intensive behavioural intervention – primarily for children under 5, this is an intensive program to teach specific skills in communication, social interaction and daily activities.
  • Discrete trial training – the goal here is to teach skills through a structured approach to completing tasks, and then rewarding a child’s progress and success (positive reinforcement).
  • Pivotal response training – this therapy focuses on improving critical areas of a child’s development, such as communication and motivation.
  • Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) – this form of therapy focuses on the development of young children with autism through play-based and relationship-based methods.
  • Verbal behaviour interventions – using language and communication to teach children with autism, and other developmental challenges, new skills and behaviours.

ABA has a proven history of application effectiveness in treating autism spectrum disorder. It is even more effective if applied when a child is very young (early intervention). It helps young children with autism develop desired behaviours and build everyday living and social skills.

Every child is different. The success of an ABA program depends on the child’s needs and goals. The critical thing is to monitor the child’s progress and adjust the treatment plan to continue to build towards these goals. Your ABA therapist will work closely with you to do routine evaluations to assess progress.

ESA – An ABA provider doing things differently

Our dedicated team of ABA Therapists and other Allied Health professionals work with clients to support growth and development goals.

Our aim is to help young children and their parents work together to develop critical skills. We offer tailored therapies for children with developmental challenges or autism support requirements. Our team is experienced in a wide range of treatments and offers detailed assessments to build a plan based on your child’s unique needs.

The Early Start Australia promise

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Multi-disciplinary team

Our multi-disciplinary team works together with you to understand your child’s needs. From there, we’ll develop a plan with evidence-based strategies. Work with us to achieve your goals and enjoy a better quality of life.

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Australia-wide network of centres

With clinics in every state and territory, and an experienced team of therapists. Find help when you need it, where you need it.

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We are a registered NDIS provider and are here to help you on your NDIS journey. We provide quality and safe services, follow NDIS requirements, and support your needs and goals.

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Early intervention at all stages

Early intervention is not just for young children. We offer therapies that cater to all ages, needs and abilities, and we know the sooner you start your therapy journey, the better your outcomes. With us, you can learn new skills and enjoy more freedom and control in your life.

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