Psychosocial Disability

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Understand and support your child’s emotional and mental health needs

A psychosocial disability is not in itself a complete diagnosis. Rather, it’s the effect that mental health conditions can have on a person’s everyday life. It’s the limitations they face in a social environment or everyday activities because of a mental health condition, and it can present in many ways including challenges with concentration, stamina, interaction and more.

With the right support, your child’s ability to participate in day-to-day life can greatly improve. Families, working alongside service providers, can help them improve participation in the community. Early intervention therapy is also critical in improving their quality of life, offering tools to manage their mental health condition directly, as early in life as possible. This gives your child the best chance to overcome the barriers of their diagnosis, and tackle life with confidence.


Effective therapies to support psychosocial disabilities

Address your child’s mental health condition and psychosocial disability with tailored support across a range of therapies.

Our team of psychologists provides support for your child’s emotional wellbeing and mental health, developing tailored strategies and guidance for coping with the challenges they may face. Our comprehensive assessments can support a diagnosis.
Speech pathology

Speech therapy helps develop communication skills, community interaction, social interaction and emotional regulation.

Occupational therapy

Our therapists address your child’s sensory, motor, and social-emotional needs. We work directly on building your child’s capacity to regulate their emotional, physical and sensory responses to challenging situations. The goal is to enable them to participate fully in day-to-day life.

School readiness

Our team of therapists help your child develop the social and emotional skills needed to succeed in school.

Positive behaviour support

Our behaviour therapists use positive reinforcement to teach coping strategies and social skills.

Social work

We bring children and families together with community resources, counselling and advocacy.

Early Start Australia support for mental health

Our holistic approach to support mental illness challenges brings together therapists from many disciplines for more holistic care

Let our team of passionate therapists help your child unlock their full potential. We’ll work closely with you to improve their language, cognitive and social skills with personalised therapy plans and assessments, so they can connect better with you and experience the world with more freedom and joy.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Psychosocial disability covers a range of mental health conditions that affect a person’s ability to participate in everyday activities and social situations. It can result from a combination of factors. This includes genetic predisposition, traumatic life events, and environmental factors such as poverty or social isolation.

The condition can impact a child’s emotional and social development. This makes it hard for them to form relationships, regulate their emotions, and learn new skills. That’s where early intervention therapies come in. We’ll help you manage the challenges of the mental health condition and ease symptoms to give your child the best start in life.

Psychosocial disability forms most commonly include:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • schizophrenia
  • bipolar disorder
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

People with psychosocial disabilities are usually eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) funding. Coverage and support depend on individuals’ specific mental illnesses and needs. If you think a loved one or child may need support, look at the NDIS eligibility criteria on the NDIS website or get in touch with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) directly. If they’re eligible for NDIS support, you can apply for funding through the access request form online.

The Early Start Australia promise

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Holistic care and treatment plans

Our multi-disciplinary team works together with you to understand your child’s needs. From there, we’ll develop a plan with evidence-based strategies. Work with us to achieve your goals and enjoy a better quality of life.

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Australia-wide reach

With clinics in every state and territory, and an experienced team of therapists. Find help when you need it, where you need it.

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Registered NDIS provider

We are a registered NDIS provider and are here to help you on your NDIS journey. We provide quality and safe services, follow NDIS requirements, and support your needs and goals.

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Early intervention at all stages

Early intervention is not just for young children. We offer therapies that cater to all ages, needs and abilities, and we know the sooner you start your therapy journey, the better your outcomes. With us, you can learn new skills and enjoy more freedom and control in your life.

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