Professional learning: autism behaviour workshops

We provide training modules to the school community and specialise in behaviour and social training for teachers and education assistants.

What sets this training apart from other autism behaviour workshops, is the focus on the individual needs of particular students at each particular school, in each particular classroom.

It is about practical problem solving for the individual, by using data to analyse each situation before proceeding.

Without using the science to determine individual behaviours, success is unlikely.

Follow up recommendations and support is provided if required and appropriate.

This training is available in an initial format of half and full day workshops. Topics may include:

  • Understanding of ASD and how to support children with ASD
  • how to collect accurate data
  • Adapting curriculum and modifying teaching to facilitate learning
  • Behavioural management
  • Supporting emotional regulation
  • Teaching play and social skills; and
  • Individualised problem solving strategies for specific children

A range of add-on services to suit individual schools can be purchased as required.

Program delivery varies between clinics so check with your local clinic about their programs.

To learn more about autism behaviour workshops for schools or other similar training modules available near you, contact your nearest Early Start Australia clinic.

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