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LEGO Therapy

LEGO Therapy is a ‘play based’ therapy method for children and applies the therapeutic benefits of play.

LEGO Therapy builds on the natural way that children learn about themselves and their relationships in the world around them.

Through therapy, children learn to communicate with others and express their feelings, learn a variety of ways of relating to others, modify their behaviour and develop their problem-solving skills.

The Lego System of bricks is a highly organised, systematic and predictable toy and is highly motivating for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder. It removes the unpredictable and ever-changing concepts that occur during free play, allowing children to feel calm, regulated and engaged during play.

The benefits of LEGO Therapy include:

  • Language e.g. understanding language and using it
  • Social communication and pragmatics e.g. using non-verbal communication such as eye contact, facial expression, body posture and proximity
  • Social skills e.g. functional skills such as requesting help and clarification
  • Joint attention
  • Task focus e.g. including task initiation
  • Sharing and turn-taking
  • Problem-solving collaboratively and also improving negotiation and compromise

Program delivery varies between clinics so check with your local clinic about their programs.

To find out more about LEGO Therapy programs available near you contact us today.

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