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Early Start Australia | VIC | Werribee (formerly Children’s Speech & OT) has been providing occupation therapy and speech pathology services for children and their families in the Western suburbs of Melbourne since 2018.

We provide services to children aged two to 16 years in our clinic, via Telehealth and we offer mobile services at childcare, pre-school, school and in home settings.

Early intervention therapies and services

Please note, available services and programs vary between clinics, so please check with your local clinic about their therapy services.

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Allied Health Assistants
An Allied Health Assistant works under the supervision of an Allied Health Professional to assist with therapeutic and program related activities.
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Speech and Language Pathology
Support children and young adults with delayed speech and language to build communication, literacy, and social skills.
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Occupational Therapy
Help your child complete everyday tasks to the best of their ability by developing skills to overcome emotional, social and physical challenges.
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We offer a range of assessments to support a formal diagnosis and identify areas for development to inform intervention strategies.
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As part of your therapy journey your therapist we may recommend some specific therapy programs to assist in achieving your goals including:

Hanen programs are evidence-based and world-renowned parent-training programs designed to teach parents how to implement speech and language therapy into their everyday activities with their child.

We run small social skills groups for children experiencing difficulties fitting in at school or with their peers.

Support your child prior to commencing school or during school transitions to develop the skills they need to be confident and independent at school.

Meet our principal at Werribee

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Nidhi Tanwar

Practice Principal

Nidhi has more than 11 years of experience in Occupational Therapy. She has completed her Master of Occupational Therapy in the field of NeuroSciences and is also an advanced certified Sensory Integration Clinician.

Nidhi understands the importance of providing quality care and strives to create a positive experience for each client by listening intently, developing individualised treatment plans, and motivating them to reach their potential.

Nidhi believes that she is changing lives every day and that keeps her motivated and confident.  Within her professional practice, she combines holistic, creative and client-centred treatments to provide comprehensive therapy. With a client centred approach Nidhi evaluates and develops treatment plans; incorporates therapeutic techniques to improve gross motor, fine motor, social, emotional regulation and sensory processing skills . She feels privileged to have learnt so much not only from continual professional development and her colleagues, but also from the children and families she has helped over her career. She likes to apply algorithms for problem solving; develop the capacity for independent living skills; modify activities using specialised equipment or tools; and coordinate with other members of interdisciplinary teams to ensure comprehensive care. Nidhi wants to inspire everyone to reach their fullest potential for a vibrant life. 

Outside of work Nidhi loves to go on adventures and spend quality time with loved ones. She is positive and kind and strongly believes in interpersonal relationships. Nidhi’s optimistic nature and ability to make quick connections with those around her ensures her clients, their families and teams feel supported and understood. 

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