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Get the right resources to help your child with ADHD lead a happy and fulfilling life.

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Don’t let attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) hold your child back.

ADHD can be manageable, with the right services and resources to support you.

Every child experiences it differently, so we tailor ADHD support services to each individual child.

Early intervention therapy is often used to manage symptoms and emotional or social difficulties. This can be used in combination with medication.

We believe in a personalised approach at Early Start Australia, starting with a thorough assessment of your child’s needs to understand exactly which support services will drive the best outcomes.

We’ll then pull together a team of psychologists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, positive behaviour practitioners and other allied health professionals to provide ongoing care.

To learn more about ADHD support services or to book an appointment, contact your nearest Early Start Australia clinic.

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Types of therapies and ADHD support services available for children


Physiotherapy services can help children with ADHD improve physical coordination, strength, and balance, which can ultimately lead to improved focus and behaviour.

Positive behaviour support

Our behaviour support practitioners help children with ADHD learn new skills and strategies to manage their behaviour and emotions.


We help provide personalised nutritional plans to support healthy brain function and manage symptoms of ADHD.

Social work

We can help children with ADHD by providing support and guidance to the child, their parents and their family to manage the challenges of ADHD.

The ESA therapy journey

Work with a dedicated multi-disciplinary team of expert therapists to meet your child’s developmental goals.

Our therapists are here to help your child overcome ADHD challenges and live life to the fullest.

We offer thorough assessments and customised care plans that focus on improving language, motor, cognitive, social, and emotional skills. Our top priority is helping your child connect better with you, so they can experience more freedom in their life.

Frequently asked questions about ADHD

ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, a neurodevelopmental disorder that can make it difficult for a person to focus, stay still, and control their impulses. People with ADHD may also struggle with organisation and time management.

You can use a GP’s referral, with a mental health care plan (for a psychologist) or a chronic disease management plan (for other allied health professionals) to receive Medicare rebates for your sessions. You can also self-refer as a private patient.

Find your nearest Early Start Australia clinic and help your child start their therapy journey today.

You can go to a number of health professionals for information pertaining to ADHD and whether further assessment is suggested:

  • A psychologist or accredited therapist specialising in child development can conduct a comprehensive assessment that will screen for ADHD.
  • Your General Practitioner (GP) can also provide support and ongoing referrals to specialist providers.
  • Paediatrician, or Psychiatrist

ADHD can cause difficulties in social relationships and academic performance. It can also lead to more serious issues if not managed appropriately. Early intervention and support are crucial. An ESA psychologist conducts a thorough assessment of your child’s developmental and school history, behaviours, and mental health. They also conduct cognitive assessments and observations to better understand your child’s strengths and difficulties. A detailed report is then sent to a Paediatrician or Psychiatrist for a clinical diagnosis, which is helpful in selecting appropriate supports and interventions for the child.

There are three general types of ADHD:

Hyperactive-Impulsive Type ADHD

Children with hyperactive ADHD feel the need for constant movement. They often fidget, squirm, and struggle to stay seated. They may talk non-stop, interrupt others, blurt out answers, and struggle with self-control.

Inattentive Type ADHD

Children with inattentive ADHD make careless mistakes because they have difficulty sustaining attention, following detailed instructions, and organising tasks and activities. They are easily distracted by external stimuli, and often lose things.

Combined Type ADHD

Children with combined-type ADHD demonstrate six or more symptoms of inattention and six or more symptoms of hyperactivity and impulsivity.

You can only get NDIS support for ADHD if it is diagnosed together with another diagnosis like autism spectrum disorder (ASD) – not alone.

There are many support options available for children with ADHD, including medications, therapies like behaviour and occupational therapy, school accommodations, and parent education and support groups.

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The Early Start Australia promise

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Holistic care and treatment plans

Our multi-disciplinary team works together with you to understand your child’s needs. From there, we’ll develop a plan with evidence-based strategies. Work with us to achieve your goals and enjoy a better quality of life.

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Australia-wide reach

With clinics in every state and territory, and an experienced team of therapists. Find help when you need it, where you need it.

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Registered NDIS provider

We are a registered NDIS provider and are here to help you on your NDIS journey. We provide quality and safe services, follow NDIS requirements, and support your needs and goals.

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Early intervention at all stages

Early intervention is not just for young children. We offer therapies that cater to all ages, needs and abilities, and we know the sooner you start your therapy journey, the better your outcomes. With us, you can learn new skills and enjoy more freedom and control in your life.