Early Start are helping Queensland Kindergartens use their Kindy Uplift funding to improve children’s lives

  • The Kindy Uplift Pilot is an initiative of the Queensland Government to build educator capability, support inclusion, and improve children’s learning and development.
  • Kindy Uplift aligns with Early Start’s core activities in providing early intervention services, programs and supports to children, their families, and their educators.
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What is Kindy Uplift?

The Queensland Government has invited over 400 eligible kindergartens and day care services to participate in the Kindy Uplift pilot.

This three-year pilot program will provide funding for programs, resources, supports and professional development to build educator capability. Additionally, it will support inclusion and improve children’s learning and development.

The department will work closely with sector partners, approved kindergarten service providers and suppliers with expertise and experience in the early years to deliver the pilot.

Why choose Early Start Australia for your Kindy?

Early Start have qualified paediatric allied health professionals across the areas of occupational therapy, speech language pathology, dietetics, psychology, and physiotherapy.

We are familiar with the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guide (QKLG). Our intervention services align with the five learning and development areas in the Guide.

Our services also align to the five broad learning outcomes identified in the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) – Identity, Connectedness, Wellbeing, Active Learning and Communicating.

Our therapists provide evidence-informed, early intervention services to young children with developmental delays and neurodevelopmental disorders, their families and others within their community who support them.

We have a track record of providing high quality service, and our service objectives are complementary to the objective of the Kindy Uplift Pilot.

How we work with you


Early Start Australia has nine clinics in southeast Queensland, where we provide a mobile or outreach service. Our therapists regularly service our regional and rural areas and will travel to you.

Therapists are allocated from any of our clinics based on availability as well as the best fit for your centre and cohort of children. Where possible, travel charges will be split between centres accessing our services.

With nearly 90 therapists supporting over 2000 families in southeast Queensland, Early Start Australia is well positioned to service the broader Queensland region.

Telehealth/video conferencing

Our therapists also provide telehealth services and are highly skilled at tailoring content for remote service delivery and engaging their audience via videoconferencing facilities.

We routinely provide therapy services and parent coaching sessions as part of our day-to-day service provision.

Our teams are well-supported by in-house technology specialists to ensure that platforms used to provide services via videoconferencing technology are of a high quality. In addition, we manage all risks related to the quality of the connection to the best of our ability.

What services we provide

Early Start Australia offers a range of programs and supports for early childhood educators and assistants, customisable for your centre.

Find out more about how our services can help you achieve your Kindy Uplift goals.

Our therapists can provide the following services to your Kindy, including:

  • Whole of group cohort screening
  • Environmental assessment
  • Consultation service
  • Therapeutic intervention program development
  • Educator training
  • Parent coaching
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Resource development

Find out more

Contact our Kindy Uplift Coordinator and senior Occupational Therapist, Dr Nicole Grant to discuss your centre’s particular needs.

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