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Term 4 group therapy programs

Group therapy programs are a fun way for children to meet others and create connections while they learn and develop specific skills.

Our programs can be a one-off session or run over multiple days or weeks. Group programs build on specific skills, such as social, or fine motor skills and engage children through mediums that they enjoy such as craft, board games or Lego.

They are normally broken down into age groups so that the therapy models can be delivered in an age-appropriate format and the children can socialise in relatable peer groups.

All groups are facilitated by either occupational therapists, speech pathologists, psychologists, provisional psychologists, or therapy assistants or a combination of these.

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See our schedule below to find out about the programs our clinics are delivering during Term 4. Contact the clinic directly for bookings or expressions of interest for future group programs.

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Program schedule

Hindmarsh, SA

Adult Ladies Cooking Group for women over 20 years with an intellectual disability: Friday fornightly 3-4pm

  • Supporting social conversation, ADL and processing goals
  • A safe environment for women to form meaningful social connection and develop cooking skills with a high level of support.

Adult Exercise Group: Fortnightly on Thursdays 11am

  • Enjoyable physical participation that is graded to individuals needs
  • An opportunity to connect and socialize meaningfully with others

Village of Women for adult women: date and time TBC

  • A safe space for isolated women to connect and explore occupations, leisure activities and multidisciplinary supports

LEGO Club (SACE edition) for high schoolers: Fortnightly Saturdays 9am

  • Supportive environment for teens in their senior year of high school to have open conversation, make new connections, socialise and try new things

Teenage Aqua Group for female high schoolers: Fortnightly Friday afternoons at Parks Pool

  • An aquatic therapy group to work on physical skills and endurance while engaging in social and play based activities

Head into High School (Super Dorito Team) for year 7’s: Fortnightly on Tuesday after school

  • A group to discuss being in the first year of high school (and problem solving together) as well as opportunities for connection and trying new things

Edible Science Group for 13-15 years: Fortnightly Saturday 2:15pm

  • Try new things, support each other and work on some longer term projects
  • Opportunities to discuss topics including puberty, friendships and independence

Girls Connect for teenage girls (Online): date & time TBC

  • Social confidence and scaffolded social experiences group
  • Online connection and support group to share interests, ideas, have fun and socialise

Junior Aqua Group for junior primary children: Fortnightly Saturday 2pm at Parks Pool

  • Play and physical endurance, conflict resolution and teamwork

Friendship Club for junior primary girls: TBC

  • A group during the week for children who have been home-schooled to foster consistent and ongoing social connections with peers
  • Activities: chess, collage and board games

Cool Penguins Aqua Group for young adolescents with cerebral palsy: Fortnightly Saturday 2:45pm at Parks Pool

  • For children with cerebral palsy diagnosis to engage in play-based stretching and strengthening activities that focus on upper and lower limbs

Dream Team for 9-12 years: Fortnightly Saturday 3:30pm

  • Play based environment to connect, try new things and play
  • Support and opportunities to build on ideas, collaborate and delight. Some group members have splinting and mobility aids and everyone welcome to talk about their experiences and diagnoses
  • All activities in this group are designed to be comfortable and inclusive for wheelchair users.

LEGO Club for 11-14 years: Fortnightly Saturday 10:10am

  • Builds social confidence and scaffolded social experiences

Little Explorers for 2.5-4 years: Fortnightly Tuesday (time TBC)

  • A play based groups for kids preparing for special options kindy in the next 12 months
  • Scaffolded play and community access opportunities

Playgroup for infants 0-4 years (Family units welcome to come together): Saturday 10-11:30am (monthly basis)

  • Inclusive multi-disciplinary playgroup for early years

Pool Play Group for 3-4 years: Fortnightly Saturday 1:15pm at Parks Pool

  • Aquatic therapy playgroup for toddlers who enjoy nursery rhymes and cause and effect play.

Parent Food Group for parents of junior primary age children: Monthly, Wednesday afternoon

  • A multidisciplinary group to discuss principals of mealtime supports and introduction to new foods
  • A space for communication and peer support

Parent Energy Conservation Group for parents of children (3-5 years) with neurological impairments: Fortnightly Wednesday mornings

Springfield, QLD

Zoned In for 7-9 years: 8 weeks from 10th Octobers-28th November. For teens aged 13-17 years

  • Teen social group based on PEERS Curriculum that explores important social skills for teens guided and supported by OT and provisional psychologist. Focuses on understanding why connections are important, how to mage them to ensure safe and healthy relationships with peers. The program will allow teens to engage with peers of a similar age in activities of shared interest such as video and board games.

Buderim, QLD

Food and Fun for 4-9 year olds. Term 4 – fortnightly on Mondays, 3-4pm

  • Feeding therapy group

Prep Readiness: For children starting prep in 2024. Term 4, Wednesdays 9-10:30am

Social Communication Group for 7–11-year-olds: Term 4, Wednesday afternoons 3-4.30pm

  • Developing understanding of body language
  • The way we speak
  • Conversations
  • Assertiveness

Wembley, WA

Little Oaks Program (early intervention):

Term 4 – Monday 2nd October to Friday 22nd December.
Runs 9am – 11:45am weekdays. For children 12 months – 5 years

  • Intensive early intervention programs based on the evidence-based Early Start Denver Model. Comprehensive, individualised, and multidisciplinary approach to early intervention supporting children across developmental areas (expressive/receptive language, social, play, gross/fine motor, and personal independence). Incorporates 1:1, group and parent coaching. Clinic and community options available.

Wanneroo, WA

Lego Club for School aged children and early adolescents: Term 4 Thursday afternoon 4-5:20pm

  • Social communication
  • Collaboration
  • Social skills
  • Problem solving
  • Focus and patience

Creations Club – small group program for School aged children and early adolescents:

Term 4, Tuesday afternoons 4-5:20pm

  • Collaborative art projects
  • Skills such as taking turns, parallel play or social interactive play
  • Problem solving
  • Seeking and accepting help
  • Social communication using AAC

Can you use NDIS funding?

In some cases, NDIS funding can be used to fund group program participation so ensure you discuss this option with the clinic teams when booking.

How to book

Our group therapy programs are specific to each clinic and their available therapists so contact the clinic directly for bookings or expressions of interest for future group programs.

Don’t see your location listed? Contact your local clinic to find out what’s running near you.

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