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Sarah’s publishing dream part of her many goals

If you’re looking for a fun and charming children’s book, Sarah could have just what you need.

Inspired by life on her family’s farm in Southern Cross, Western Australia, Sarah, 25, is the writer and illustrator of ‘The Bush Tale of Timmy Lamb’.

And Sarah is already working on her second book, ‘The Bush Tale of Miss Hen’.

Writing stories and illustrating are just two of Sarah’s passions.

She works in paid employment as an administrative assistant at her local council offices once a week, and also regularly volunteers at an animal sanctuary.

Sarah also enjoys a variety of hobbies such as cooking, reading, arts and crafts, digital art, listening to music, drawing anime and illustrated characters.

Plus, during her fortnightly trip to Perth, Sarah enjoys guitar lessons, singing in a rock band, meeting up with friends through a social group and attending speech therapy.

Catching up with speech pathologist Tayla is a popular part of Sarah’s routine and allows her to build her independence.

“I enjoy coming to therapy and I like to hang out with my speech therapist,” Sarah said.

Tayla, from Early Start Australia, describes the importance of making sessions enjoyable for both her and Sarah.

“From developing a really strong friendship and rapport with Sarah, it’s helped with motivation within therapy,” Tayla said.

“Particularly because we work on goals and things that she wants to work on, it’s a very person-centred approach.”

Sarah’s goals are to write more books for all children and we can’t wait to see what more adventures she has to share.

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